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CryoLetters is a bimonthly international journal for low temperature sciences, including cryobiology, cryopreservation or vitrification of cells and tissues, chemical and physical aspects of freezing and drying, and studies involving ecology of cold environments, and cold adaptation

The journal publishes original research reports, authoritative reviews, technical developments and commissioned book reviews of studies of the effects produced by low temperatures on a wide variety of scientific and technical processes, or those involving low temperature techniques in the investigation of physical, chemical, biological and ecological problems.

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Abstracts Volume 44 No 6 is now available

Volume 44 , No. 6 November/December 2023

ISSN 0143-2044

PERSPECTIVE: The technology in cryotechnology (PDF)
Janina Hagedorn, Ghiath Alkurdi, Sven-Alexander Barker, Ricarda Brunotte, Tarek Deeb, Oleksandra Hubenia,
Diaa Khayyat, Sara Leal-Marin, Tim Rittinghaus
and Birgit Glasmacher


IGF-1 stabilizes goat sperm mitochondrial transmembrane potential and reduces DNA fragmentation
Ravi Ranjan, Kaustubh Sharma, Manish Kumar,
Dilip Kumar Swain, Shiva Pratap Singh,
Suresh Dinkar Kharche, Manoj Kumar Singh
and Manmohan Singh Chauhan


Application of D cryo-plate technique for the cryopreservation of in vitro-grown shoot tips of Tarenaya spinosa (Cleomaceae)
Anna Flávia Rodrigues Mortani Vilardo,
Gustavo Dias da Silva Lima, Lívia da Silva Cordeiro,
Norma Albarello and Claudia Simões-Gurgel


Role of oleic acid and trehalose on frozen-thawed ram semen
Leila Soltani


Effect of dalargin on apoptosis of L929 fibroblasts during cold stress (PDF)
Nataliia Moisieieva, Olga Gorina and Yuliia Akhatova


Cryoconservation of in vitro grown shoot tips of Cicer microphyllum: a crop wild relative of chickpea
Subhash Chander, Ravi Gowthami, Ruchira Pandey, Muthusamy Shankar and Anuradha Agrawal


Exposure of maize seeds to liquid nitrogen modifies the morphology and hormonal response of young plants
José Carlos Lorenzo, Yanier Acosta, Byron E. Zevallos-Bravo, Pawel Chmielarz, Elliosha Hajari, Monika Höfer
and Jutta Ludwig-Mueller


Determination of the cryoprotective effect of N-methylacetamide in rabbit semen
Serkan Ali Akarsu, İbrahim Halil Güngör, Tutku Can Acisu, Aslıhan Çakir, Edanur Güler, Recep Hakkı Koca, İrfan Yilmaz, Mustafa Sönmez, Seyfettin Gür, Gaffari Türk,
Şeyma Özer Kaya and Abrurrauf Yüce



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