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CryoLetters is a bimonthly international journal for low temperature sciences, including cryobiology, cryopreservation or vitrification of cells and tissues, chemical and physical aspects of freezing and drying, and studies involving ecology of cold environments, and cold adaptation

The journal publishes original research reports, authoritative reviews, technical developments and commissioned book reviews of studies of the effects produced by low temperatures on a wide variety of scientific and technical processes, or those involving low temperature techniques in the investigation of physical, chemical, biological and ecological problems.

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Abstracts Volume 44 No 4 is now available

Volume 44 , No. 4 July/August 2023

ISSN 0143-2044

PERSPECTIVE: Cryobiology and fertility preservation: a perspective on past, current and future studies (PDF)
Naeimeh Sadat Abtahi, Zeinab Ghezelayagh, Iran Nemati, Farideh Eivazkhani, Parvaneh Farzaneh,
Abdolhossein Shahverdi, Gholam Reza Goudarzi,
Abdurrahim Pedram, Elham Amirchaghmaghi,
Mojtaba Rezazadeh Valojerdi, Sherman Silber
and Rouhollah Fathi


Comparative seed cryopreservation of Indonesian and New Zealand epiphytic and terrestrial orchids
Surya Diantina, Craig McGill, Andrea Clavijo McCormick, James Millner, Hugh W. Pritchard and Jayanthi Nadarajan


Supplementation of sulfate polysaccharides in the seminal cooling medium of common curimatã (Prochilodus brevis)
Carla Tatiana Nascimento Sousa Vieira,
João Eudes Faria Cavalcante Filho, Yasmim Maia Ferreira, Marcos Luiz da Silva Apoliano, Renata Vieira do Nascimento, Silvio Alencar Cândido Sobrinho,
José Ariévilo Gurgel Rodrigues, Carla Pamela Braga Guia, Fernanda Vitória Almeida Magalhães
and Carminda Sandra Brito Salmito-Vanderley


Cryopreservation of zygotic embryos of Podophyllum hexandrum Royle, an endangered medicinal plant, by vitrification and V cryo-plate techniques
Kiran Parasher, Shailika Sharma, Papiya Mukherjee
and Parvaiz Hassan Qazi


Strip pulled straw: cost effective alternative cryodevice for the vitrification of oocytes
Khursheed Ahmad Sofi and Beenish Qureshi


Freezing of equine semen is influenced by exposure time and concentration of the cryoprotectant glycerol
Pablo Luis Fracaro, Carine Dahl Corcini,
Norton Luis Souza Gatti, Jorge Squeff Filho,
Izani Bonel Acosta, Jorge Squeff Filho, Felipe Pires Hartwig, Bruna Da Rosa Curcio and Antonio Sergio Varela Junior


In vitro cold acclimation is required for successful cryopreservation of Juglans regia L. shoot tips
Svetlana V. Kushnarenko, Nazgul K. Rymkhanova,
Moldir M. Aralbayeva and Natalya V. Romadanova



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