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CryoLetters is a bimonthly international journal for low temperature sciences, including cryobiology, cryopreservation or vitrification of cells and tissues, chemical and physical aspects of freezing and drying, and studies involving ecology of cold environments, and cold adaptation

The journal publishes original research reports, authoritative reviews, technical developments and commissioned book reviews of studies of the effects produced by low temperatures on a wide variety of scientific and technical processes, or those involving low temperature techniques in the investigation of physical, chemical, biological and ecological problems.

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Abstracts Volume 43 No 6 is now available

Volume 43 , No. 6 November/December 2022

ISSN 0143-2044

PERSPECTIVE: A guide to successful mL to L scale vitrification and rewarming (PDF)
Lakshya Gangwar, Shaunak S. Phatak, Michael Etheridge and John C. Bischof


The use of pectins as part of a cryoprotective solution for long-term storage of human platelet concentrates
M.I. Sergushkina, A.N. Khudyakov, O.O. Zaitseva,
T.V. Polezhaeva, O. N. Solomina, K. A. Vetoshkin
and M. A. Butolina


Antibiogram of microorganisms isolated from fresh and frozen semen of crossbred Frieswal bulls
Naimi Chand, Megha Pande, Shrikant Tyagi, Ajayvir S Sirohi, Sumit Mahajan, Suresh Kumar, Sarika and Ankur Sharma


Evaluation of vacuum infiltration vitrification and cryo-mesh cryopreservation techniques with Arabidopsis thaliana shoot tips
Milana Lukić, Bryn Funnekotter, Michael J. Considine,
Eric Bunn and Ricardo L. Mancera


Can honey improve the quality of cryopreserved cross bred ram semen added to tris egg yolk extender?
Arjuma Khatun, M.R. Fazili, A.A. Malik, M. Naikoo,
A.R. Choudhury, Syed Shah, F.A. Lone, S. Qureshi
and I. Hussain


Cryopreservation of seeds of the highly valued tropical timber species Swietenia mahagoni
Ysmel Entensa, Abel González-Morales, Claudia Linares,
José Gerardo Vázquez, Marcos Edel Martínez-Montero,
Byron E. Zevallos-Bravo, Elliosha Hajari, Monika Höfer,
Ariel Villalobos-Olivera and José Carlos Lorenzo


The effect of different preservation media and temperatures on sperm quality and DNA integrity in mouse cauda spermatozoa
Cengiz Yildiz, Nurdan COŞKUN ÇETİN, İlker YAVAŞ,
Oğuz Kaan YALÇIN, Firdevs YILMAZ and Fikret KARACA


Effects of cell concentration during cryopreservation on the post-thaw quality of Santa Inês ram sperm
Matheus Batista de OLIVEIRA, Julio Constantino Jerí MOLINA, Rebeca Santos da SILVA,
Alexandre Floriani RAMOS, Phillip Hamilton PURDY
and Hymerson Costa AZEVEDO



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